• Water meters must be installed so as to leave reasonable room for maintenance and repair. Reasonable room is a minimum 3' X 3' in front of the meter. Do not install water meters behind other equipment such as water heaters or softeners and do not install them flush against the wall.
  • The building valves and water meters must be installed inside the building at the point of the water service enters. Only the building valve may be installed ahead of the meter.
  • If you have any questions about a meter installation, please call us and a water operator will answer your questions or come to your site.



  • Please notify MMU by 12:00 noon for a water inspection that same day.



  • Under OSHA regulations, a contractor is required to provide a protection system for those individuals required to enter excavations to protect them from cave-ins, material that could fall or roll from the excavation face or into the excavation, or from the collapse of an adjacent structure. This applies to all excavations that are 4 feet in depth or more.
  • The proper protection can be accomplished by either sloping the walls of the excavation at an incline away from the excavation so as to prevent cave-ins, or by providing sheeting or shoring, or by use of a manufactured trench box or trench shield.
  • OSHA regulations also require there must be appropriate means of egress from the excavation, such as a stairway, ladder, ramp or other safe means to make egress easily accessible.
  • MMU employees cannot enter your excavation to perform service line taps, make inspections, etc., if the excavation is not properly protected and egress provided.



  • The property owner is responsible for the maintenance and protection of their water system, including protection from freeze-up.
  • In the event of a freeze-up, MMU recommends the use of a hot water method for thawing frozen water pipes. Hot water thawing creates no electrical or fire hazard and is the safest method of thawing service lines.
  • Plumbers and property owners may request  the use of MMU's thawing equipment fro MMU customers. A water operator will accompany the thawing equipment without cost to the customer. When thawing service lines, if MMU personnel determine the service line was frozen in the public right of way, any labor costs associated with thawing the line will be paid by MMU. NOTE: The thawing machine will not work through a 90 degree valve.



  •  Water Connection Permits are issued at the Marshall Municipal Utilities Office.






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