Water Rates  (Effective January 1, 2023)

Monthly Base Charge

Meter Size Charge
3/4"     $23.50
1" $36.20
1 1/2" $72.86

Multiple Occupancy Base Charge:  $18.50 per unit

Water Usage Rate: 

November through June Billings

All usage @ $5.93/1,000 gallons

July through October Billings

First 6,000 gallons @ $5.93/1,000 gallons

Second 6,000 gallons @ $6.53/1,000 gallons

Over 12,000 gallons @ $7.12/1,000 gallons


MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY Service to more than one customer through one meter under a single billing will be allowed; however, the base charge will be the greater of the number of units physically served multiplied by the Multiple Occupancy Base Charge Rate, or the actual meter size installed. Per Minnesota State Statute 504B.215, the billing must be under the building owner's name, and the owner shall receive one bill for the multiple occupancy.

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