Payments can be made by mail, online, by phone at 1-866-238-4097, or in person at our office, night drop box or drive-up window.

(If a payment is returned for insufficient funds or a closed account, a $20 fee will be added to the customer's bill.)


Automatic Bank Deduction Plan

This service allows your bill to be paid directly through your checking or savings account automatically every month. You'll save time and this service is completely free! Click HERE to download a sign-up form.


Budget Billing

Budget Billing is a service available for customers wishing to make the same monthly payment amount throughout the year. Monthly payment amounts are calculated based on the consumption history of the preceding 12 months. This plan begins in January and in reconciled the following December. For more information about Budget Billing, please contact the MMU Office or click HERE to download a Budget Billing Application form.



Other payment plans may be available for customers who are having difficulty paying their bills, including the acceptance of partial payments and/or delaying payments. Payment plans will be offered to customers on an individual basis and must be mutually acceptable to both the customer and MMU.



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