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June 30, 2021


Marshall Municipal Utilities (MMU) is warning customers of a payment scam. MMU has been contacted by customers who have received suspicious telephone calls from individuals or automated messages demanding payment with a threat of disconnection. If you receive a call claiming to be from Marshall Municipal Utilities that seems suspicious, please do not provide any financial information. Please hang up and call our office at 507.537.7005 to verify the status of your account or report the scam call to Marshall Police Department at 507.537.7000.


June 18, 2021


The enhanced water softening project at the Water Treatment Plant is now complete. To realize the benefits of reduced softener salt use, please adjust your water softeners to reflect a water hardness of 8 grains per gallon. You will save money as well as reduce the amount of chloride that is discharged into the Redwood River. If you have questions, call Marshall Public Works at (507) 537-6773 or visit the City of Marshall website


Our Mission

 "Marshall Municipal Utilities' mission is to provide the community of Marshall with safe, high quality, and reliable electric and water services in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner consistent with sound business principles." 

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